Cool Death of Island Raiders

by Oh Sees

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released March 19, 2019

produced by dave sitek, kyp malone, chris moore, brooke mare gilles  matt littlejohn and last but not least BARRY EDWARDS.
saxophone and flute by martin pernal (also, you fed us raw coconut)
violin and slowed down violin by darren gardner
back up vocals and guitar by kyp malone
piano electric piano and organ by: dave sitek
guitar and vocals by john dwyer (also solo electronics)
drums electronics shakers and singing saw by patrick mullins
vocals and tea and biscuits by brigid dawson
reissued by castle-face records 2019, (c) and (p)

Available on physical formats here [^._.^]ノ彡


all rights reserved



Oh Sees Los Angeles, California

Psych-punk psychic warrior, ear worm-farmer, and possessor of many stamped passport pages John Dwyer does not let up. His group Oh Sees (aka Thee Oh Sees, OCS, The Oh Sees, etc) have transmogrified to fit many a moment - from hushed druggy folk to groovy demonic pop chants to science fictional krautrock expanse and beyond - to suit his omnivorous whims. ... more

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Track Name: The Gilded Cunt
THE GILDED CUNT…hey there water fall, tell me how your rollin by yourself. tell me that you love me, tell me that is all you know to do. hey there average man, give your cunt a hand, show her that you love her, show her that is all you know to do. 
Track Name: The Dumb Drums
THE DUMB DRUMS…those dumb drums cant hold your hand. anymore than i would likely hold them. the cloud crusher inside my hand. is fine fine upon a girl like you. but now wait a minute baby lets do it all again . i dont feel comfortable with the sin.  the bridge breaker inside your mouth, is more than sometimes unbelievable. and hoodwinking for all of your life, not pretty not fine upon a girl like me. 
Track Name: Turn Offs
TURN OFFS..turn offs and turn out the lights, tonite. and my seizure by seaside was just a dream, so it would seem. and further more,  i am sure that this high, may be the last high. and so it would seem to wake from this dream, to see-thru soldiers dying.
Track Name: Losers In The Sun
LOSERS IN THE SUN..cant catch you, rock in my shoe, waste my time mile after mile. close is fine, up from behind. nearly won, losers in the sun..
Track Name: Island Raiders
ISLAND RAIDERS..island raiders, pointed uphill, they climb up walls and over sill. they grease our floors with scores and scores of random kills torchlight faded we probably will stack our swords high with kills. mound to mountain, heaping and vile. so we build a city atop the pile. and try to start a life anew, we wait for the raiders, me and you. we hold each other ill prepared, and yet involved in world affairs we recline in the shade of guns, only in heaven is our work done.
Track Name: Cool Deaths
COOL DEATHS.. your cool death shines, all the dumb drums are miles behind you. your future free, all of us have fallen behind you. has our love died or is it buried behind you?
Track Name: Broken Stems
BROKEN STEMS..they had gently said “that were dead” but i find that hard to believe. you may have run your course, the whole world across but i find you have to live before you die. broken stems, lay down your head, but the seed the seed the seed is sown and of the land. so lay in your grave, cuz that’s why theyre made, but don’t expect no company. but don’t you mind, i’ll think of you all the time, so don’t lay or lie on account of me. 
Track Name: We Are Free
WE ARE FREE..when i got aboard, i really didnt mind, but then. so I had a turn,  i let my seed go in a girl, and, me, we are free. when i ditched the ride, they cried but then. when we say hello, what we mean is goodbye, i lied. you, me, we are free.
Track Name: You Oughta Go Home
YOU OUGHTA GO HOME..well, i know that its hard, but its time we part. you just use your eyes, come on lets get psyched. can you see the crowd part , begging to let you go. almost as if they want you to go home. go home. i think youd better go home. go home dont you wanna go home?

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